Joe Barletta is the creator of the Milestone Real Estate Investing Systems.

Starting in 2002, he is a highly successful full time wholesaler, rehabber, rental property owner and real estate broker. In addition, he has helped hundreds of students/investors to create dynamic results in their lives and businesses.

About Joe Barletta

Hi I’m Joe Barletta ;-) Writing in 3rd person is kinda odd and pretentious to me so...Yes its actually me writing this. Im not trying to sound important by making this look or sound any different than it really is. Frankly, I’m a pretty normal guy.

Husband, father, like to stay in shape... at least long enough to beat my kid in sports until he’s 50 then I may slow down. I’ve traveled pretty extensively, like to scuba dive, spearfish, love music, food, drinking, hanging around with close friends and family, lots of beach time and some camping mixed in there as well.

I eat breakfast with my son and wife every morning, sometimes lunch too. If I want to sleep in late I can, but honestly, I never do.

If I don't feel like working from home, my office is only 4 minutes from my house. I hit the gym at lunch and work on my business only when, where, and how I want too.

It wasn’t always like this for me though. I started off the same as most. I grew up in a hard working, hard fighting, very blue collar and sports driven town. It was a great childhood packed with plenty of experiences, memories, and lessons learned.

As the son of a self employed mason, I started working weekends and school vacations at a pretty young age.In fact it was 1987 - 5th grade - the first of many summer breaks to come, that were spent carrying brick and mixing mortar. I kept working this way right up through college. It was cool while I was a kid... messing around jobsites and getting to operate heavy machinery. I especially, always loved any type of demo work.

As I got a bit older and restless, I realized this type of work wasn’t all it was initially cracked up to be. My income was limited and seeing what a lifetime of physical labor does to the body was not to enticing.

How long could this keep up? I was looking everywhere for options....I was young and felt the world was wide open but I wasn’t getting anywhere. My frustrations started to boil and I felt stuck.

The problem was if I just went out and got some desk job I’d be in almost the exact same situation….minus the labor. That sounded even more mind numbing and unsustainable.

Lucky for me, I had the privilege of working for some pretty high net worth individuals. They all had their own businesses but every one of them were involved with some aspect of real estate. I started asking lots of questions and taking mental notes. The more I learned, the more hooked I became. There were so many benefits to this business…

I knew this was something I could make work long term, but wasn’t fooled that it would be easy. You see, I learned a very important lesson from my parents and family at a young age.


Anything is attainable with the right plan, tireless effort and willingness to execute.

No matter what. And I still hold that belief to this day. Before we go further about real estate investing and you start thinking it’s the magical answer to all your problems, I’m going to hit you with a dose of REALITY.

Being a business owner requires HARD WORK.

This site is not a smooth talking marketing pitch looking to push your emotional triggers. You know the type... those that will pitch non sense like “how you can get rich quick with no money in 30 days”. blah blah blah

Come on now, really? Anything that sounds too good...you know the rest. What you will find here conveys a realistic picture of what it takes to succeed as a real estate investor. Being a Real Estate business owner requires probably 10x the amount of HARD WORK most businesses do (but if you set it up right you can have good people do a lot of it for you!).

So, please don't expect that success is going to happen without first learning the ropes, getting your education, experience, and all the necessary bumps and bruises along the way.


The internet is loaded with too many info marketers.

Most of them are just selling hype marketing, with almost no real training that actually helps people achieve success. And here’s the biggest problem with most real estate products or coaching programs out there...

They lack the presence of a TRUE MENTOR. One who can guide you, take you by the hand, and help you to avoid the big mistakes and headaches of learning the business.

Do you know the best thing gained from a true mentor? You receive the wisdom from their years of experience and knowledge to completely expedite your learning curve!


Quite frankly, having a coach or mentor that is personally invested in you puts you on the shortest, most direct path to success. So, here’s what you can expect from ME as a Mentor:

No hype, no salesy gimmicks, no Jedi mind tricks either- just straight forward information and training to help you achieve a better lifestyle through real estate investing.

With that said, here are the 3 VERY IMPORTANT THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW:

I can NOT help you get rich quick. Most people seem to equate being in real estate with getting rich quick. I get it … with all the “Flip This or Flip That ” TV shows and big checks plastered all over the internet it does make one think... hmmmm????

Let me share something with you:


What you are seeing is the RESULT, not the efforts.

The success part is just the tip of the iceberg that gets the visibility. But all the blood, sweat and tears that make up the critical mass is what lies beneath the surface.... truth is it might have taken years to get to the point of making that big check happen. Don't be fooled.

You can make big money in real estate and have consistent passive income, but it's going to take a ton of work; Maybe some sleepless nights, and the ability to persevere through resistance in all forms, shapes and sizes. So if you are not prepared to commit and “burn the boats” as they say...then I am NOT your guy.


This is a business. It requires some money.

If you don't want to market for motivated sellers, you're not going to get anywhere. Yes there are strategies to purchase real estate with little money down, but you do need money to market consistently. If you don't have a steady stream of leads then you have nothing. Let me explain.

There are ways to market and look at real estate for free and cheap. The problem is most of those ways don’t lead to the deals with sellers in situations where they will sell at a big discount.

Also the competition is fierce in this business. If you are only going to rely on Craigslist, MLS, or driving for dollars, how many other investors do you think are doing the same exact thing?

Do these strategies work? Sometimes, but they are not sustainable. You won't have a business if you’re just relying on time draining, unproductive marketing and prospecting.

I guarantee you will waste more time and efforts in that manner and it will only result in dismal results followed by waiving the white flag. There are better ways. Learn to implement systems and focus on niches that can drive motivated sellers to you…. not the other way around.


If you’re only looking for an “easy way”, …. I DON’T WANT TO HELP YOU.

I am sure you will probably appreciate my direct approach: I personally, don't want to work with anyone if we are not going to be a fit. It’s not that I can’t help you, I just won’t….And here’s why:

When I hear someone say, “Whats the easiest way?” what I’m really hearing is “I’m not committed to my own long term success”...which translates into “I don’t want to work.”

Real Estate, contrary to all the YouTube video’s, seminars, infomercials, and episodes of “Flip This Whatever” show you may have watched is much more involved than you are led to believe.

Yes, when it's all up and running it can be just like you imagined and sky is the limit. But you have to be willing to commit and not be another average dabbler. So If you made it to this point, GOOD.

Let me cut to the chase... My goal here is to provide real transparent information in order to help you start investing in real estate, get better at real estate investing, or growing your business to achieve whatever level of success that you aspire.

I am not going to guarantee you’ll do a deal and I am not going to guarantee your success.


What I am going to guarantee is the value of the training you get from me.

It will absolutely provide you a solid foundation for your real estate business. I think you are smart enough to understand that too many people offer bold claims and half ass guarantees these days. It’s cheap, and not what you’ll find here.

Here’s my sales pitch:

Spend some time here on my site going through my articles and posts. If you like them... enter your email to get my free trainings.

Pretty Simple.. Right? In other words... let me show you how I can help you by actually helping you. What a concept ;-)

Thanks for Reading,
Joe Barletta