The Top 3 Reason Why You Should Have a Real Estate Investing Coach

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The Top 3 Reason Why You Should Have a Real Estate Investing Coach

Real estate is one of the top money-making industries in the world today.

In the recent years, many people have ventured into the real estate investing business in hopes of making life changing pay days. Its not surprising when the huge majority of these opportunity seekers fall flat on their faces because they never came ready to commit in the first place…

They thought it was going to be easy with a big side dish of rainbows, unicorns and birthday cake YAYYYY…

Well when they realize it aint like that…and this is much tougher then Facebook told them… They make excuses like it was a scam, it didn’t work or whatever excuse next insert here blah to tha blah blah blah… and go back to their 9-5 where they should have stayed.

Maybe I may sound a little harsh but heres why…weak efforts are not going to produce extraordinary results. Too many people dabble and come to work that mentality.


So with that said that brings us to the first reason why you should have a Real Estate Coach/Mentor.

Reason 1: You don’t know what you don’t know.

Most likely investing in real estate is a completely brand new endeavor for you….

So lets talk about expectations.

Many times when I speak with people who want coaching one of the first things we discuss is their goals both long term and short term. Its not uncommon for someone with zero experience to say to me that within their first 6 months they want to do 6 figure deals and multi deal monthly volume.

So I kindly go to work and reverse engineer what would need to happen in order for that to become a reality. My plan for those results is usually meet with silence.

Im sure you can understand why because reality just hit them like a cookie sheet wrapped upside the head.

So we go back to the drawing board and come up with a plan more in line with reality.

A good real estate coach or mentor will be able to not only give you the education and reality check you need but will also get you out of your own way.

Being overly optimistic is a recipe for disappointment.

Many times that stems from watching too many overhyped seminars or internet marketing claims or someone posting big checks on Facebook.

If you have worked a 9-5 job and never made more then an average salary (and there is NOTHING wrong with that) it is not likely you posses the tools in your arsenal to get to a million dollar year in real estate out of the gate…at least not yet.

The good news is we can get you there but you have to do the work.

Success comes in all forms so we take a look at each student and help them define a realistic vision of what success would be and in reasonable timeframes to get there.

Then we create a plan to meet those goals to produce the RESULTS.

Also a good coach will bring to your attention when you operating from a state of fear which is the most common cause of not being able to make a decision or take action.

Good real estate deals dont wait around for indecisive people.

Are you comfortable moving forward not having all the answers? What if you had someone in your corner that you can call, email, or text in that exact moment?

How would that boost your confidence and annihilate your hesitations?

Reason 2 - Accountability

When you have a coach that truly cares about your success you develop a personal responsibility to each other. I bring everything I got to the table for my students and I hope they do their best in return.

We all have situations when important things get pushed aside.

Having a coach to answer to when we get on call to discuss the prior weeks progress is motivating. I want you to succeed and if you start feeding me the same excuses over and over why something is not getting done then I know there is probably something else holding you back.

Guess what… we’re going to switch gears at the time, discuss the sticking point and put a plan in place to get you past it.

You think working solo you could make that happen???

Probably , at best if you did get out of it how long would that take?

How much time and progress did that rob from you meeting your goals?

Having a coach to talk to once a week and being accountable to that person keeps you focused on results and builds MASSIVE momentum.

Reason 3 - The right coach is a one stop shop

The best coaching programs share 3 common principles. The first is the step by step knowledge base and how to do it systems. This includes all the documents, spreadsheets, steps, how to departmentalize, procedures, etc.

I give my students everything they need to make their investing business a success without weighing them down with clutter or overkill.

The next part is the mindset support. When we make offers as investors we get rejected the majority of the time. It is very easy to get discouraged when you put forth all this effort to get the phone to ring, take the lead, analyze the deal, meet with the seller, make the offer and get shot down.

It will get you frustrated.. We are here to manage that frustration, keep it in check and push you forward when you need to keep your eye on the goals.

Lastly we show you how to put it all together - you have the systems, the docs, templates, resources, the support to keep moving in spite of difficulties fear and indecision and most importantly the unlimited ability to connect when it really matters.

There are not many quality coaching programs out there. Some charge tens of thousands of dollars - its important to do your homework when working with a mentor or real estate coach.

I believe in providing uncompromised value to my students.

Great coaching is not cheap but you should not have to mortgage your house in order to get access to quality training and expertise.

Just like doctors there are good ones and bad ones.

I only work with a small amount of students at a time to give them the attention required. Remeber I am a full time real estate investor, not an internet marketer doing weekend seminars selling high priced re- packaged generic coaching programs on the weekends.

What I teach is what I week in week out in my own real estate company.

What would you rather do?

Pay upwards of $25,000-$50,000 to a company in the seminar business whose coaches work from call centers reading off scripts..

or would you rather

Work with someone on a personal level, doing the business day in day out, for over 14 years that will be there when it really matters.

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To your Success, JB