Attention Frustrated Real Estate Investor "Wannabes"

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Attention Frustrated Real Estate Investor

I’m writing today in the hopes that I can help at least one person have a slightly better day…

When I say “Real Estate Investor wannabes” I don’t mean it in a negative way. This letter is to call out to those of you that have wanted to join the real estate investor crowd for a long time, but have had a hard time getting your start.

The reason I’m addressing this is because at least once a week I’ll have a struggling beginner write me and tell me their story.

Often the people writing in are in extremely desperate circumstances. Maybe they are physically disabled, or they’ve lost their job and don’t have any money coming in.

Others hate their jobs and would love to get involved in real estate, but are just feeling totally overwhelmed…

So if any of that sounds like you, just know that you’re not alone.

Personally, I know the feeling. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in any kind of dire financial situation, but I remember exactly what it was like.

Before I became a real estate investor, I was just scraping by. I was working a job in construction. It was physically demanding and taking a toll on me. And that may have been tolerable if I was making decent money… but the problem was that I wasn’t.

So here I was, day after day, waking up at the crack dawn and mixing mortar and slinging block all day long.

I started each and every day with dread and a feeling of hopelessness. I ended each day completely exhausted and totally unfulfilled.

My daily thoughts were as follows… “There’s no way I can keep this up…how can I escape this situation?… how can I get more from life?… how can I THRIVE!?”

I wanted so badly for things to change… but I just couldn’t see how to make it happen.

Finding real estate investing was my saving grace. And even though I’ve had things figured out for a while now, struggling in that construction job feels like only yesterday.

I remember vividly how painful it is to feel hopeless… feel like there’s nothing you can do.

But I now know how to beat this “hopeless” feeling.

You see, in addition to owning my own real estate investing business, I’ve been coaching students on the subject for almost 8 years now.

After awhile you start to see patterns. You start to see little tweaks that people can do to set themselves on the correct path.

Here’s what I’ve found…

The “trick” to gaining an immediate sense of well-being and positivity (despite tough circumstances) is that you need to create a state of being proactive vs reactive.

Here’s what I mean…

Most people go through their entire days, weeks, months… hell, their entire lives in a state of reactivity.

This means that things happen in their lives and they scramble around from problem to problem trying to solve every unimportant one that pops up.

This leaves them feeling like they’re completely at the mercy of whatever events happen around them. That leads to overwhelm and hopelessness.

So it’s best to get out of a reactive state and into a proactive one as soon as possible.

How do we do that? Well, it’s actually easier than you might think.

First off, you need to let go of the need to immediately solve your problems. Not everything has an instant fix. In fact, most problems don’t.

Next, you need to make a solid assessment of what your working with. You need to take total inventory of your life…

Take the time to sit down and write out everything on your mind. Write out all of your problems in list format.

After you’ve done that, look at your list of problems and ask yourself, “Which of these problems, if solved, would have the greatest impact on my well being?”

This one goes at the top of the list.

Now repeat the same process with the rest of the list until you’ve got the whole list laid out in order of importance.

Our goal now, is to work on solving that first most important problem. (But don’t expect to do it immediately).

What we’re going to do “eat the elephant” one bite at a time. One small incremental improvement towards our problem per day until it’s solved.

Each day, first thing in the morning ask yourself, “What small task can I do that will inch me closer to solving this problem?”

Then try your best to do that thing.

You may be tempted to do more than one small thing, but hold off from doing too much until you’ve done this practice for at least a week.

Remember, we’re trying to reduce your overwhelm. Taking on too much might seem harmless, but it can add to how overwhelmed you feel… and give you the impression that you won’t be able to solve the problem at all.

Trust me, one bite at a time… YOU CAN SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

Just by doing this one small thing in the morning and having that one task each day… That mini-goal… You’re setting yourself up to feel pro-active all day long.

The little feeling of control you’ll have will dramatically increase your sense of well being.

And you’ll be well on your way to solving the most important problem bringing you down. I know many people won’t read this whole article… but if you’ve made it here, I’m hoping this helped you in some small way.

To Your Success, Joe

P.S. If you do this exercise and determine that you’re biggest problem is that you don’t have any money coming in, I don’t recommend you go straight to real estate.

First you should try to get a job you can tolerate. This will stabilize you and at least let you pay the bills.

And for those of you who already have a job, but want to quit and get more out of life, real estate investing is the best answer (IMO).

I’ve recently created a free training webinar for those of you that fall into this category. It will show you how to get started and quit that job in 180 days or less. Click the link below to sign up.

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