The "Cup Of Coffee Secret" For Investors

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I’ve got a cool little mind trick for you…

I’m about to show you how to use a cup of coffee to achieve all your real estate investing goals.

And I’m not talking about using the caffeine to put some pep in your step. In fact, you can replace cup of coffee with a beverage of your choice and this little secret will still work for you.

Here’s the trick…

You’re going to “anchor” the cup of coffee (or other beverage) to your goals and use it as a trigger for taking action.

This will work best if you already drink coffee daily.

Here’s what you do…

Every time you sit down with your cup of coffee, work on something in your real estate investing business for 10 or 15 minutes.

This will have a few very positive benefits for you…

First, you’ll anchor the great tasting coffee (and good feeling you get from it) to working on your business.

This will make you look at working on your business in a positive way and it will become something you look forward to.

Second, you’ll create a habit loop.

Eventually, each time you make your cup of coffee you’ll automatically feel compelled to work on the business for a little bit. No will power required.

And lastly, the positive momentum you get from making a little bit of progress here and there daily will eventually spiral out of control (in a good way).

What will happen is you’ll start working on the business a little longer each time. You’ll WANT TO. it won’t even be difficult.

And the more progress you make, the more you’ll want to make.

Sound cool? Good. Go put it to use!


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