The Easiest Real Estate Negotiations You've Ever Heard Of

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The Easiest Real Estate Negotiations You've Ever Heard Of

Are you tripped up over the idea that you need to be good at negotiating in order to get real estate deals?

This is a big thing for a lot of people…

They worry that they need to become this tough negotiator that pisses people off or lowballs them.

And it’s just not true.

In fact, in some cases, you don’t have to do really any negotiating at all.

The reason why is because if you’re marketing to the right people, they’re looking for a solution to a problem…

and to them, that solution is more important than getting top dollar.

So you swoop in and give them a cash offer or a fast closing… or the ability to sell without needing to make any repairs.

And you solve their problem.

In a lot of cases like this, they may readily accept your initial offer (even if it’s low).

So here’s the EASIEST negotiation tactic you can do that most people never even try…


That’s right. You simple ask like this…

“In order for this to work from an investment standpoint on my end, our investment partners would be around 90-100k for the property… Is that something you would consider?”

That simple.

And you’d be surprised at how often they’re actually willing to play ball.

The problem most investors create for themselves is they talk themselves out of even asking.

They assume it won’t get accepted and so they don’t even try.

But you have to remember, the seller is often primarily looking for a solution to their problem and not top dollar (assuming you’re marketing to the right people).

Now, I do want to point out that learning how to actually be a good negotiator is still helpful.

And it’s something you should work on.

But it’s not essential when you’re starting out.

Just focus on solving the sellers’ problem and you’ll have yourself a deal with an easy negotiation.

Hope this helps!


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