How to Handle Sellers like a Pro…(even if you have no clue yet)

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How to Handle Sellers like a Pro…(even if you have no clue yet)

// How to Handle Sellers like a Pro…(even if you have no clue yet) //

Most of us were not groomed to be real estate investors.

Well, IDK…maybe some of you were and if you had that advantage, that’s great but…

We all had to start somewhere and for most people, that somewhere is a really uncomfortable place.

Its uncomfortable because of all the unknowns. It can be overwhelming and paralyzing.

Our minds race with all those fears, questions, and self doubts.

For instance I hear this scenario A LOT. This was an actual conversation I had this week with a beginner investor.

Them: “Joe, I don’t want to look stupid in front of a seller.”

Me: “Fair enough, no one wants to look stupid. Let me ask you…Do you consider yourself stupid?”

Them: “Well…no, but what if the seller asks me something I don’t know the answer to?”

Me: “Yep, good question. That will happen. You don’t have all the answers yet. So what?”

Them: “What should I do then, how do I not look stupid if I don’t have the answer? “

Me: “Like this.

Acknowledge the sellers question, let them know you don’t know that answer yet but your partner or someone you know does.”

You can then let the seller know you will discuss it with your partners and get them an answer ASAP and move on to the next topic.


The next possibility is to excuse yourself for minute while you call your partner, mentor, or coach and get the solution.

Here’s how that should go.

Hypothetically let’s say the seller asks you… “How can you close in cash on my home in 7 days? How would that work?”

Now let’s just assume you don’t know how to answer that yet.

And even if you do, this reply could be used as a templated response to almost anything.

Your response:

“Mr. Seller that’s a great question. My role here today is just to get some general information about the house and your goals. My funding partners would be best to answer that question so if you don’t mind…let me step outside, make a quick call and I’ll be able to give you some clarity on that.”

Trust me you will not look stupid doing that.

If you don’t have someone that will pick up your phone call right in the moment (which you should) then just let the seller know you will discuss the question when you sit down with your partners and get back to them with that answer.

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