Sleep is for the WEAK... or is it?

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Sleep is for the WEAK... or is it?

We all know sleep is important. But is it even MORE important for a real estate investor?

I’ll let you know in a minute, but I want to teach you a different connection between sleep and real estate investing first.

You see, sleep is a form of investment.

When you go out of your way to get a full 8 hours of sleep, you’re “using” some of your resources.

Namely, you’re using TIME.

In exchange for the time spent sleeping, you’re rewarded the next day with more ENERGY (another important resource).

I know that everyone says time is your most important resource, but I would actually argue that it’s energy.

Here’s why…

Time is definitely an important resource… but just because it’s non-renewable does not mean it’s the MOST important.

Limited supply does not automatically convey value.

For example, there’s a limited supply of dirt on the planet… but that doesn’t make it more valuable.

To illustrate this point further, imagine you could do whatever you wanted all day long. You had all the time in the world.

But you didn’t have the energy to even roll out of bed.

That time would be worthless to you.

Contrast that with only having a few hours of time but AMPLE energy.

You could get a hell of a lot done in that few hours.

So what should you do with this information?

I think the answer is obvious.

Get in enough sleep.

It’s an investment.

And YES, this might be even more important for a real estate investor (or any entrepreneur) than it is for a w2-employee… because your income is directly tied to your ability to get shit done.

And for that you need energy.

Hope this is eye-opening for at least one person who is sacrificing sleep to try to fit in more “hustle.” – Eventually, your energy will take a dip.

If you enjoyed this and want more on this, I have a training (no-cost) where I teach a concept called resource utilization and expansion (It’s mainly for beginner real estate investors).

I don’t want to post the link here because I’m not sure if it’s allowed, but if you’d like me to send it over to you, just comment “I want it!” down below. I’ll send you the link right over.


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