How To WASTE Bundles of Cash...and STILL NOT do a deal

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How To WASTE Bundles of Cash...and STILL NOT do a deal

Allow me to be blunt…

This may be painful to read for some beginner investors. (That is not my intention.)

This is for those of you who have attended, or are contemplating going to some weekend style, real estate seminar, property bootcamps…

…or as I like to call them “pitch fests”.

If you have attended one, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

You see… I’ve had sort of a behind the scenes insider view of these events for a LONG TIME.

What you are about to hear is very important.

And you should read this completely because it could save you from a MASSIVE, PAINFUL, and EXPENSIVE MISTAKE.

There is something that goes on at these events that is infuriating to me …

and downright evil in some cases.

I’ll tell you more about that shortly…

But first let me start with a little backstory.

This particular scenario happens often but in the past week alone…

I have spoken with 4 new investors who have “been invited” into some Real Estate Coaching program by some big national marketing companies selling education.

Let me clarify what is grounds for an “Invite” ….it has nothing to do with you, your character, or what your goals are…

In fact, these companies don’t care about you as person… whatsoever!

So, If you’ve been duped by one in the past, don’t hold it against yourself…

They’re literally designed to exploit human nature and they can be EXTREMELY persuasive.

Basically, these seminars are traveling boiler rooms disguised as learning environments.

The sole purpose of these traveling education companies is to squeeze you… just enough to pay for their programs.

That usually goes like this…

(I’m paraphrasing but you’ll see the point)

The seminar speaker will begin with some inspiring words to elicit pumped up emotion from the crowd, get you feeling good.

And then that’s followed by some pseudo trainings.

Typically… one these “trainings” are designed to get you to realize, as an investor, you need to learn how to leverage “OPM” (other people’s money).

“What better place to start with than your own credit card companies. Right?”

“You all have credit cards. Right?”

The speaker says…

”Good you should call those credit companies and use this script to get those banks to raise your credit limits so you can invest in yourself. Right?”

“Go ahead and do that… lets see who in this group can raise the most money in the shortest time.”

Or perhaps, you can self direct your retirement accounts and borrow from your 401k…


Let’s talk about how to open heloc (Home Equity Line of Credit) on your home….

NO. NO. NO!!!!

I feel slimy just writing about it…

I could go on but trust me it’s pretty diabolical.

Anyway, back to the story…

As a result, these 4 poor souls that I consulted with have wasted life savings and acquired HUGE amounts of debt!

To the tune of $171,000 in a combined total between them…

Let me say this…there is a VERY small percentage of people who I would say may be a fit for these programs…

BUT that very small percentage of sales would NOT be good for company profits…RIGHT?

In my years, I have seen 1 or 2 companies (that I’m aware of) that try and do it right.


On a whole… there is a HUGE, complete lack of integrity through so many of these companies.

With no regard for anyone’s well being, they sell people into these crazy expensive education programs.

This leaves them (and their families) with MASSIVE amounts of debt.

The worst part of it all is that typically these programs don’t solve any problems…

People are often left with the EXACT situation they started with…

No idea how to actually DO A DEAL!

Can you imagine that?

You maybe wondering… how is that possible?

I’ll get to that part in a second.

But here’s the thing…

There is a complete disconnect between what these people believe they are buying into vs. the level of support in guidance to actually help them in doing deals.

Yes, they may have access to hours and hours of content and training…

And maybe even some lame “so called proprietary software” to find deals…(try to contain your oohs and aahs…I’m sorry there is no magic deal finder 2.0 ;-)

Here’s the REAL problem.

Education and information alone will not get you results.

Because if that were the case…

All we would need is a library card and some time on google and everyone would be a millionaire.

You get my point?


The MOST common complaints with these programs…

  • No personal help with your deals.

  • No money left over to market because people are so over leveraged.

  • No guidance when a contract falls apart.

  • No one on one support to clarify your questions or help you take inventory of your resources

  • No coaching or accountability

  • No congruency between training and actual implementation.

  • No clear action plans how to proceed with a lead

  • No one to diagnose your roadblocks, challenges or obstacles getting started

  • No mindset support when failure happens** (Yes, I’m sorry it’s part of the business. Big boy or Big girl pants required ;-)

  • No one to call or have a conversation with when a deal is on your plate

  • No one to text or email when you have a question and don’t know how to act and the list goes on and on**

All of that can be solved with one crucial ingredient…

The solution is found in getting yourself a World Class Mentor.

Let me elaborate…

Here’s why getting a true one on one Mentor should be your TOP priority if you want to become a real estate investor:

[+] A true mentor will build an actual relationship with you and care about getting you results**

[+] They’ll be there when you have a question or situation specific problem

[+] They can give you the “play by play”… Teach you ONLY the exact steps you need to follow and steer you clear of the info overload

[+] They’ll provide accountability and make sure you go out and IMPLEMENT. They want you to get results… without implementation, there will be no results.

[+] They will help you overcome personal challenges and roadblocks. To become the best version of yourself.

[+] They’ll actually GUIDE you through the deals and make sure you get PAID!

(AND not to mention provide that in an affordable way so you don’t have to go mortgage your home or cash in your retirement account.)

If that makes sense to you..

And it sounds like something you need…

and you’re interested in hearing how you can get that…

Lets talk.

Because I’ve been in the real estate business since 2003, a full time investor since 2009, and a TRUE one on one coach since 2011…

My goal this year is to help 50 new investors do their first wholesale deal.

Here’s how this works…

I’ve set aside some time on my calendar to speak with you personally - one on one.

On the call we will discuss where you are at,

We will get to know each other better

I’ll ask you some questions to see where you want to go and…

if I can help you and it looks like we’re fit…

ONLY THEN we will discuss how that mentoring would work.

Fair enough?


The call is FREE but…

that does not mean everyone will be a fit for my program.

You must be ready to take action now…this is not for people who are still trying to figure out if real estate is the right tool for them.

Please don’t waste our time.

My program and time is NOT FREE…but it’s not as expensive as you would think for what I offer.

I’m probably lifting the kimono a little too high here…but

My goal is for you is to do your first real estate deal inside of 90 days and earn yourself back more than the investment to the program.

Pretty bold huh?…. I know.

And I can say it because… I know what I’m bringing to the table.

But you have to do your part as well.

So in order for this to work…you must have a positive outlook, no excuse makers, be resourceful and willing to follow directions.

Being cool will go a long way as well ;-)

So If you meet those general criteria and would like to learn more about how that works,

I recommend you hop on a call with me and we can discuss it. (There’s no charge for this)

Click the link below for my availability.

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