Your FIRST Wholesale Deal ASAP - Here's the Bottom Line

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Your FIRST Wholesale Deal ASAP - Here's the Bottom Line

I’m going to cut right to the chase here.

If you want to do your first real estate wholesale deal as fast as humanly possible, there is just ONE best path.

It’s NOT buying another course.

It’s NOT reading another book.

It’s NOT listening to another podcast.

It’s DEFINITELY NOT joining a $50,000 coaching program!

You know the type.

The type that gives you a free 2 hour seminar…

sells you into their $500 dollar weekend seminar…

Then at that next one, they upsell you into that $50,000 program where everyone rushes the back tables like ravenous wolves.

What happens after that?

They flood you with 60,000 hours of videos and information…

and give you “coaching calls” with employees of a call center in Utah or somewhere.

Ya know, people who have never done an actual real estate deal in their lives.

Think you’re actually going to do a deal like that?

Maybe some do, but I’d bet my right arm MOST DON’T.

Like I said earlier, if you want to do that deal AS FAST AS POSSIBLE then there’s just ONE path…

You need a REAL MENTOR.

Somebody who’s already done what you want to do and can help you through - EVERY STEP of the way! That’s the way I’ve designed my mentorship program.

Not everyone is a fit for it, but for those who are, it’s designed to help you do your first deal as fast as humanly possible… (and finally do more deals consistently).

And to MAKE SURE my student’s get that deal, I work with them INDEFINITELY for as long as it takes!

There is an investment to become a student of mine, and it’s not a fit for everybody.

So the first thing I do before enrolling anybody is have an application call where we can decide together if we’re a good fit to work together.

This initial call is free, and even if you’re not a fit to become a student of mine, I’ll still provide you with valuable insight on what your next steps should be.

Sound good?

Click the link below to apply for one now, and let’s start 2019 with your first real estate deal!

Talk soon, -Joe

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